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Ethmar For Impact investing

A nonprofit social enterprise for localizing impact investments.

ِEthmar Innovation Lab

designing and developing of your business , we provide design and development services for companies

Feasibility study of investment companies

We are able to evaluate and study social Impact investment projects through a specialized staff with experience in the same field

Search and maximize impact


We continuously contribute to the study and analysis of challenges and needs and We devise appropriate practical solutions for them to create a sustainable and effective social impact.

Experience and competence


We developed our practical experiences over the time and have qualified professionals team and shared these experiences with our clients in order to enable and localize expertise and skill

Continuous improvement


We place  our focus and effort on improving the services provided to our customers through periodic evaluation of the outputs and results, in addition taking customers feedback with great care.

Why Ethmar

Ethmar Social Investment Company is a house of expertise and a center specialized in developing social leadership and social Impacting investing to generate specific beneficial social and environmental effects to financial gains. 

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Pioineers of Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing


Since the establishment of Ethmar
For Impact investing Company as a center specialized in social entrepreneurship and social investment, a number of voluntary initiatives have been implemented that aim to raise awareness in the social environment about the importance of this new sector, in addition to focusing on creating a number of specialized programs to enable social leadership in the non-sector Profitability. On the other hand, in partnership with our strategic partners, a number of social investments have been built and developed that aim to find development solutions of a high degree of quality and effectiveness, which have achieved the required effect in addition to the financial return and achieving sustainability in addition to creating models and successful local experiences.

How We Work?

Search & Evaluate

Investing in impact is a task that needs to go deeper, so let us help you solve your issue, identify actual needs, and then design optimal solutions to achieve a sustainable impact.

Improve & Devlope

Ethmar team is the reliable assistant in evaluating the solutions and ideas that I have developed through being tested and developing in terms of social and economic feasibility.

Scale Up

Success is an indescribable feeling that expresses the joy and happiness of someone who has done his job wonderfully! Start now to establish your project and achieve the impact you want to target in the community

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Guides in social leadership

Guides in social leadership

The first guide is directed to charitable organizations to guide them practically in the mechanisms of applying social entrepreneurship and focuses primarily on entrepreneurial skills As for the second guide, it is directed to businessmen, as it focuses on social work...

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Community entrepreneur

Community entrepreneur

A community-based entrepreneurial program targeting the industry of social entrepreneurs by applying the idea of a developer to startups programs, as the program begins with personal interviews and an intensive training day, then a month of professional guidance...

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Charitable education workshops

Charitable education workshops

Ithmaar Center, in partnership with the Global Expert Company, conducts educational workshops for charitable bodies targeting financial resource managers or executives in addition to the board of directors in charitable bodies with the aim of spreading the culture and...

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