For Impact investing

We are working to find optimal solutions to problems and needs as they combine entrepreneurial approaches and sustainability.
From the premise that social investment is the use of commercial solutions to solve urgent social problems, and in order to localize this new sector in our Arab environment, we have established an Ethmar Impact Investment Center company and an experts aimed at enabling these investments and their tools.

Our Strategic Goals

Design and study solutions for companies

Raising knowledge awareness in field of investment

Training and development of companies

Enabling social investment tools


Developing and embracing sustainable voluntary and community-based community development initiatives and groups and opening the way for dispensing grants and donations by working in a sustainable investment environment that is more stimulating to institutional work with an interactive program to support initiatives and contribute to innovative solutions and provide assistance, guidance and budget.

Our Services

We provide a full range of services to help social companies do better. Everything is created through standards of excellence to work in a more effective way, along with assessment of levels, and assistance in performing better in the future

Training and development of social companies

We are working to develop institutions and companies for entrepreneurship and training them on modern tools that are possible for them in order to achieve financial impact

Spreading awareness and culture

We offer a set of programs and projects that will spread the culture and concept in the field of social investment, and we target these programs: the private sector, the non-profit sector and the pioneers.

Establishing incubators and accelerators

We provide professional licensing for social companies, which helps them to govern material and social returns and highlight the components of the fourth sector

investment financing

Funding opportunities for leadership and social investment through a crowdfunding platform and network for Saudi social investors.

Business Development

We provide design services and study social corporate solutions through Ithmaar Social Innovation Lab, the use of advanced tools and professional teams


Accreditation of companies

We provide professional licensing for companies, which helps them to govern material and social returns and highlight the components of the fourth sector